Sharpness?! What the point?! Blur is so beautiful!… ;)

Here, I am playing with blur, color and abstract compositions to express the festive mood. 😀



Which story is your imagination telling to you, considering this pics?


Do you see a Star Wars scene, or another intergalactic view? Spotlights? Aurora borealis?!
Some glow-worms, perhaps?

Ou a really strange sunset?!  😀


These are obviously garlands, shot in a shallow depth of field (f/1.8 with a 90mm) in a voluntarily out of focus way (manual focus).

On some pictures, a glass vase create some piles of colored ovals due to the reflection of the light in the glass.
Reflection rather in my white matt table produce the “aurora borealis” areas (at the bottom of the first pic, for example).



The subtitle of my article, “Sharpness?! What’s the point?!”, is obviously a little bit provocative. 😉

However, I would like to suggest you, with this pictures, to forget, sometimes, the sharpness dictatorship to play with blur and go for a more festive mood.
You will perhaps discover that these photos are not as easy to make as they seem.


To succeed in this venture, try to produce blurry enough pictures (choose a wide aperture, and stay closer to your subject!), move your camera to combine differents effects in a same view, and compose really carefully.
The “abstract painting” created must be dynamic and harmonious to make a good one!



Have a good time shooting and feasting! 🙂

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