Simplification… To what extent?

I was wandering, a few days ago, in a little town, searching for the perfect subject…
The light was flat, I was cold and even a bit depressed, I admit.

Thus, I was happy when I found this red graffiti on the wall. A bit of love and color doesn’t hurt, isn’t it?! 😉

Unfortunately, I hadn’t any amazing idea to use this subject…
In fact, I thought that all my pictures was boring and I envisioned to show you this one only to give you some information about the context, the story.

But, at last, with a good editing and especially the magic cross-processing (sorry, and be sure I have no stocks in Mr Cross-processing business!!! 😆 ) I think this photo is rather nice.




The colors added enhance the picture impact and give a mysterious look to it…
When editing it, I suddenly thought “what a great atmosphere!”…

What if that was the secret entry, weedy by plants, of an old antique temple, leading towards a better world?! (too much imagination once again?! Nooo you’re kidding, that’s not possible!… 😉 )
I think it could be worth a try to move a stone, one of those that are to the left of the sealed off door… the passage might open!!…


Regarding this stones…

During my walk, when I was thinking that all my photos of this subject were bad and boring, I realized that there was a really good light on these big stones, to the left of the graffiti area.
The stones arrangement was somewhat interesting too, with these huge stones near the small ones. It remind a bit the Tetris game, don’t you think ?! 😉

So, I adopted a head-on vantage point, set the square format and shot this simpler and more abstract picture.
Here are the raw file and version with an enhanced contrast. However, when I shot, I was thinking of a black and white pic.




Then, here is the pic, with the black and white rendering.




But now I am wondering…
What if I applied a cross processing like on the photo with the graffiti, for a colored rendering?!




Boy! That’s clever!… I don’t know what to think anymore, now!…
So, I am going to let this reflection mature before choosing which I prefer! 🙂

What is your opinion ?


By the way, about my title, “Simplification… To what extent?”…
That was the first question I was asking myself before hesitating about the picture appearance. 😉

Is that squared photo too simple? Is extreme simplification sometimes a good thing?
Do you like minimalist pictures?


Obviously, the horizontal photo and the squared one are NOT variations of the same picture so it is no need to choose.

But which photo(s) should I keep and show?
The first one? (too classic?) The second one? (too simple?) Both of them? (too “too much” ?) None ?!


At last, if I choose it, how should I show and share the simpler photo?
He he, this question is a clue for my upcoming article!

To be continued! 😀

Tell me what you think about all this thinking!
I will tell you, most likely next Friday, what I have now in the back of my mind. 😉

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