Small cameras, for great photographers :)

Try to imagine a great photographer, shooting in Paris or New York.
What do you see? How is him?

I ask the question because, even me, I am imagining him with a big DSRL and a great telephoto lens… 🙄

That’s not a surprise, because we imagine these great photographers as we see the majority of photographers among us.
And the image of the credible photographer – thanks to the magazines, websites and so on saying that to make good pictures, you must use the big, heavy and expensive camera now on sale – is linked, in our head, somewhat to the size of its camera…

Remember these people which told you “What a great camera ! It must create some wonderful photos, isn’t it?!”. 😉


Dennis Stock, par Andreas Feininger

Dennis Stock, by Andreas Feininger. Jean-Loup Sieff, selfportrait.


Then, for our eyes pleasure and for the pleasure of an eye contact with some of our peer and founding fathers of photography, let’s look at these pictures of great photographers with small cameras. 😀

I even included a portrait with DSLR, for fair-play. 😉 A rather small DSLR with a fixed-focal-length lens… not the gear we see everyday, isn’t it?!
At that time, there was obviously some medium-format cameras, too, but it’s good to know the great photographers we know used also some small cameras, Leica and others. 🙂


So, being a “great photographer” or even being a simple pictures hunter, it is possible with a small camera!! YESSS ! 😀

I know you already know that but a reminder is good, sometimes. I am sure it can encourage you and help you to make real masterpieces during your next shooting, regardless the camera you are holding in your hand.




Marc Riboud and Guy Bourdin. Selfportraits. – William Eggleston (by an unknown author) – Saul Leiter, by Patrick Kovarick. AFP.




Robert Doisneau. © jlggb



Guy Le Querrec. Selfportrait.



Willy Ronis, by Hermance Tray – Sarah Moon, selfportrait.



Stanley Kubrick, selfportrait.



Henry Cartier Bresson, by Ara Güler. From the book “Ara Güler, Visages du XXe siècle : 100 portraits de célébrités”.

I admit that I would be amazingly happ to share a cup of tea with Henri Cartier-Bresson… our talented HCB…
If only it could be possible!…

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