Swamp “paintings” :)

I am sorry I couldn’t translate my last articles. So much things to do!!
(But I will announce a really exciting news for you soon!!! 😀 😉 )

Feel free to visit the French website too, to enjoy my pics, when you don’t see much articles here… 🙂


These days, I am really inspired by colors and textures floating on the water…

Even during winter, there are so much colors to enhance, so much atmospheres to translate into pics! 😀


Lacy fern floting on the clouds… 🙂



Long grass blades disheveling on the water.



Rembrandt style 😛 grasses.



Photographic “Watercolor painting”.



Aaaaah, the swamp ghost!!!! 😮 😛


The tree, too, offered me some sinuous and tortuous lines to compose with. 🙂



Just a bit of blue sky and a beam of light (plus a square format, of course !! 😉 ) are enough to leave the dramatic mood and to enjoy an zen approach!



At last, a delicate heather and its winter bells. 🙂



Here are the kind of natural pics I like to take.
Not landscapes, not macrophotography, but an approach in between allowing me to enhance the ecosystem at various scales.

Do you like to shot these sort of pics too? 🙂


Pics taken with my hybrid, the Lumix GM1, with the Olympus 45mm f/1.8.

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