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Abstraction… Or illusion?!…

Yesterday night, I found an unexpected subject to shoot… Disclaimer : Please note that some of these abstract pictures can hurt some people feelings, depending on their imagination.   😉   I was wandering and, suddenly, I saw something and just thought : Oh, it’s pretty! It’s really interesting!… Yet, it was not really “something”. Read More

Simplification… To what extent?

I was wandering, a few days ago, in a little town, searching for the perfect subject… The light was flat, I was cold and even a bit depressed, I admit. Thus, I was happy when I found this red graffiti on the wall. A bit of love and color doesn’t hurt, isn’t it?! 😉 Unfortunately, Read More

Over the rainbow

I admit that i never realized, before this shooting, that this subject could be so colorful!… Isn’t it mesmerizing?! 😀     In these particular pictures, I follow a rather abstract approach. I play with lines, light and colors. The subject is only a tool to help me realize these “paintings”. 🙂     Did Read More