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Mary Poppins. Following your cropping proposals. :)

Some french readers asked some information about the framing of my Mary Poppins photo, and made some interesting proposals of cropping. What a good opportunity to talk about framing and cropping! I think it is a very interesting subject. 🙂   First, I choose to share this photo with its original framing, horizontal, to keep Read More

Apprentice Mary Poppins

A great amount of poetry, in life, is always important but, with these a bit sad end of summer and rainy weather (at least in France…), it is even more indispensable! Luckily, I am back!! 😆 😉 So, I am happy to offer you this lovely photographic cocktail [poetry + rain]. 🙂     Doesn’t Read More

Girl portrait

These days, I always want to share with you pictures with peaceful feelings and gentleness… Probably as a reaction to my editorial rush with dozens of pages to check, hundreds of files to manage, thousands of sentences to control !   I am sure you have, too, your rushes, your moments of great stress, your Read More

An English translation for my non-french readers :)

I was wondering… what if I added some english explanations to my articles?!… Could it be better for some of my readers? What is your point? 🙂 Perhaps, some of you, not really at ease with french, may be interested to understand better what I mean when I am commenting my pics or talking about Read More