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Christmas gestures…

This year, I didn’t have time, yet, for festive pictures. But I intend to catch up during Christmas of course! 😉 I was thrilled, however, to explore my photo bank, looking at Christmas photos from the past years, in order to share some of them with you!   I decided, for this article, to target Read More

Family photos :)

Doing family portraits has always been a little problem for me. I always fear to produce only very reportage pictures : boring views with busy backgrounds, and passport photos… 🙄       Shooting our friends and family is a little bit easier when there are childs as subjects, but creating gorgeous family pictures with Read More

From Michelangelo to E.T, to Steve Jobs.

From time to time, I am wondering how to value and explore our daily modernity. We often try to exclude cars, screens and gears to our pictures, isn’t it? Have you ever shot your microwave or your vacuum cleaner?! I think it is really interesting, however, to show our society as it is, with the Read More