Tag: Graphism

Seaside compositions

Shooting the ocean is not always easy. Our pictures can easily seem empty or only made of boring horizontal layers!… In my opinion, a good trick is finding some graphical elements to anchor the composition. Various lines (vertical, oblique, curve…) can come with the horizon and other horizontal lines to enhance the picture. In this Read More

Musical chairs

For me, this photo is all about rythm. Don’t you think it is a bit like a sheet music? Triplet, crotchet… What a great visual song, isn’t it?! 😉     These few Parisian chairs, together, look a bit like a sculpture to me. I just adjusted my vantage point in order to get the Read More

Variations on the same theme (Composition)

Did you see my “3 settings challenge”? I had many answers on the French article but only two, for now, on the English one! Thank you so much, Kelly ans Nancy, for sharing your 3 settings choice ! 🙂 I shared my own 3 choices too, in the comments.   Let’s talk about the subject Read More