Tag: Imagination

Abstraction… Or illusion?!…

Yesterday night, I found an unexpected subject to shoot… Disclaimer : Please note that some of these abstract pictures can hurt some people feelings, depending on their imagination.   😉   I was wandering and, suddenly, I saw something and just thought : Oh, it’s pretty! It’s really interesting!… Yet, it was not really “something”. Read More

Vegetable oyster

Yesterday morning, I shot, in my garden, this vegetable oyster. 🙂     When shooting, I just loved these water drops on nasturtium leaves and especially the big one. But when I uploaded my pics and looked at it, is seemed obvious to me that this photo could evoke an oyster. 😉 Is the analogy Read More


I love the poetry I can see and read in this simple scenery… 🙂 In French, we can say “Prendre la plume” which means “To take the feather” in order to say “writing”, because a nib, a quill is called a feather.     That’s fun to imagine another realty, looking at this picture of Read More