Tag: Reflection

The windows of memories

Here is the other “from the back” picture from last week I wanted to show you. I shot it the same day as the other one but the atmosphere is pretty different!   Here, the sunlight and the reflection give a lot more contrast to the scene. Plus, the scenery in not shown the normal Read More

The Mystery of Marie Rogêt…

As a close to the week, I invite you in a mysterious photographic thriller…     Do you like it?! 😀 Obviously, it is not a digital fake but a reflection in a shop window. 🙂   See you soon! Read More

Ripples of color

Recently, at the funfair, I followed two different photographic approaches. I already showed you the first one : a classic approach using light, colors and blur to create great pictures of people at the carnival, fighting against the winter cold, buying treats, spending a good time with the family… The second approach is more about Read More

Selfie at the museum

First, I noticed there was some glass balustrades in this museum : things could reflect in it and things could be seen through it. Interesting, isn’t it?! 🙂 I noted, too, that the passers-by walking in front of the outdoors windows produced great silhouettes.     I tried various vantage points and finally decided that Read More

Holiday atmosphere

Taking time to notice a gorgeous light or to daydream in the garden, seeking an interesting scenery… Granting oneself a good time to shot a fascinating reflection or to loose oneself in the fields… That’s all we need to feel holidays, isn’t it? 😀         From now, articles on the website are Read More

Family photos :)

Doing family portraits has always been a little problem for me. I always fear to produce only very reportage pictures : boring views with busy backgrounds, and passport photos… 🙄       Shooting our friends and family is a little bit easier when there are childs as subjects, but creating gorgeous family pictures with Read More