Teal dreams

I am back from Paris. There, I met a lot of readers at the “Salon de la Photo” and organized some animations for children (and they loooove framing, like us!! 😀 ).

By now, I am very tired and all I want is a chair to sprawl (if possible more conformatble than the one on the photo below 😉 ).






So, I am just sharing these two dreamy pics with teal melting with yellow…

I hope you will like it!


BTW, I am very happy : my new book is now released !!

It’s called “Mission photo pour les 8-12 ans” and it offers a really playful approach to learn photography, for children (but adults seem to like it too 😛 ).

If you want to get more information about the book or my recent activity in France, please visit the French side of the website, here.



Take care ! 😉



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