The dreaming child…

This week end, I shot some people looking through windows…

I love the dreamy feeling of these pics with someone seen from the back. There is the inside, the place where we are, the outside view, and then the inside of the character we chose to share a story. 😀

Which story is this picture telling you? 😉




I admit that I didn’t create the blurry effect on purpose.

In fact, I was trying to shot this cute little girl without being noticed. 😉 That’s why I was pretending shooting the outside view (and why I was shooting it a bit, indeed)!!
Suddenly, framing again the child but with the camera having kept the far focus, I saw this vision! I shot straight away of course!

Please notice that shooting with the subject out of focus was however a real choice.
This is NOT a “wrong picture” I chose to finally use. 😉


In my opinion, photographic choices are what makes the difference between a boring picture and a creative one.

To better share that point of view, I will end my little article with this before / after that tells anything. The focus choice makes all the difference, even if the posture has its importance too. 😀




The pictures where taken at 45 mm -> 90 mm at f/2.5, with my hybrid micro 4/3, the Lumix GM1.

I will never tire of these photographical tricks that are so important for our pictures.
They are the salt that reveals all their flavor!

Next time, when you will wonder how you could turn a boring picture into an amazing creative shot, think of all these photographic choices you can use for your own purpose!
If ideas are lacking, feel free to read or read again my article about inspiration. The eighth point of this article will give you a lot of photographic hacks, very useful to improve your pictures. 😛

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