The rain beauty

Last sunday, I decided to organize my first “creative walk” of the year, with digital and polaroid shooting, and watercolor painting on location. 😀

The sky was, in fact, really whimsical.
I cursed the overcast sky, suffered a few drops of rain, admired a wonderful blue sky with plump cumulonimbus clouds, captured the winterly landscape colors with photography and watercolor paints and, the last but not the least, I took advantage or this great storm, fortunately as I had come back in my car !


Isn’t it amazing, this composite view with clouds at the same time heavy and soft, with rain visible trails crashing down on the ground and reducing this magnificent tree to a little toy at the mercy of the sky, and finally with this small rainbow poping up from a patch of blue sky to balance my composition and the grey atmosphere?!

Obviously my enthusiasm about the beauty of the rain is not intended to deny nor minimize disasters created by the weather these days…
It results only of my way to photograph, always to sublimate things that happens, things that I see. Even rain. Even storms. 🙂

Now, I regret a bit less the snow and its incredible whiteness ! 😉
Have a great week end!!



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