The windows of memories

Here is the other “from the back” picture from last week I wanted to show you.
I shot it the same day as the other one but the atmosphere is pretty different!


Here, the sunlight and the reflection give a lot more contrast to the scene.
Plus, the scenery in not shown the normal way, outside the windows, but is “superimposed on the wall”, thanks to the reflection effect! Isn’t it incredible?! 😀

This two pics show two extremely different ways to put together an outside view and a dreaming character.
The dreamy feeling is, by the way, a common trait.




The surimposition effect of the reflection shows an image of a child playing in a garden blending with the view of a grown-up man…
In this way, the man seems to think about his childhood…


I am not sure of what I was exactly distinguishing during the shooting.
I was clearly seeing the silhouette but, for the reflection, I am not really sure…

On the raw file (on the left, below), the reflection is not very noticeable either…
That’s why I am showing you an editing before-after today. 😛


I could have chosen a low key contrasted edit and a dark silhouettes without any details in it, ignoring the reflection. But I would have lost my story and, in my opinion, the subtlety of the picture.

Instead, I tried to bring out the reflection, lightening the mid tones.
And here is the result!




An edit, like a shooting choice, can change everthing, don’t you think?! 😉

Have a good week!

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