An English translation for my non-french readers :)

I was wondering… what if I added some english explanations to my articles?!…
Could it be better for some of my readers? What is your point? 🙂

Perhaps, some of you, not really at ease with french, may be interested to understand better what I mean when I am commenting my pics or talking about photography?


Sure, I am too much chatty on the website to be able to submit an entire translation of my articles… Sorry for that!
I am considering to start with a few sentences, to be able to give you some information about my purpose, my approach when making a picture, or to offer you a little summary of my photographic brainstorms.


As you can see – and read 😉 – my english is not so good… But, perhaps, this new challenge might help me to improve it?!
Would you be OK to support me? Thanks in advance for your indulgence.

Do you think I am nevertheless better than Google Translate?!! 😮




A cute boy, sleeping on an Union Jack beanbag.

The harmony of colors was amazing!

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