Urban colors

Let’s share some colorful urban atmospheres to cheer us up! 🙂

It’s not really a diptych, just two pictures showed side by side.


What do you think of this comtemporary Prince Charming (long hairs, intense look…), bringing flowers to his ladylove? (That’s a rebellious Prince Charming, as he doesn’t follow the arrow sign! 😉 )
And of this so colorful, almost like coming from a fairy tale, urban scenery (even with a lovely bin!! ) ?!

That’s my favorite photographic game : to find poetry, stories and imaginary worlds in our realty. 😀




The fact that the picture on the left is so imperfect make me laugh. 😉

Cut foot, scaffolding in the background, shifted focus, overlapping flowers… But all of that can’t make me hate this tender photo.
Plus, I perhaps like it even more with this mix of realty and flaws and “fairytaleness” and love. 🙂


I wish you an amazing week, with a Prince Charming or beloved Ladylove bringing you flowers or colorful thoughts, or other things you love. 🙂

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