I love the poetry I can see and read in this simple scenery… 🙂

In French, we can say “Prendre la plume” which means “To take the feather” in order to say “writing”, because a nib, a quill is called a feather.




That’s fun to imagine another realty, looking at this picture of a bird feather on the beach, with a gorgeous light.

Can you see a blank page, the urge to write something, the excitation of the first words you are going to write?! 😀

This lined “page” seems to be made of gold powder…
Perhaps the message or the poetry will be carved in this golden sand, perhaps it will even be written with a golden beam of light?! 🙂

I know that my imagination is too much fertile… 😉
But I can’t stop to have ideas to reveal the beauty of the world, or perhaps to see the world more beautiful than it is.

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