To craddle you with soft colors and to calm, if necessary, your week end, I am sharing with you this picture, with subtle shades, zen subject and symmetrical framing.

This way to personalize the photo hues is included in my upcoming book “Retouchez vos photos pas à pas”.
One of my reader has already improved a picture (!), just looking at the software screen captures and photos, on the test layout (isn’t it amazing ?!), so perhaps will you be able to do the same, even without speaking french?! 😀 I sooo hope that the book will be translated in english, one day…
About the boat picture again… I really love these atmospheres… Don’t you?!

Do you think I managed to preserve picture authenticity and enhance it, even with this creative editing ? 🙂

Thank you for sharing your view!




Nice week end to you all! 🙂

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